A Scoop of Love: Gelato Manila's Moving Tale

This article was originally published by Engkanto Brewery.

Say hello to a new iconic duo: craft beer and gelato! 

Unlike mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream, and other overdone duplets, our unique pair trickles into an intoxicating experience.  

Engkanto x Gelato Manila Craft Beer Collection comes from the artistic collaboration of two local craft brands. It's an exciting and daring take on luscious Italian desserts and aromatic and flavorful craft beers.

In 2020, Chef Zarah Manikan founded Gelato Manila out of compassion. The previous food business she was part of suffered in sales figures and jobs were put in jeopardy. To save the livelihood of employees, she opened a new company with the help of Jam, her husband, out of selfless gesture at the height of the pandemic.

Watch Zarah and Jam talk about their path as entrepreneurs of Gelato Manila:


Chef Zarah's big decision to open Gelato Manila quickly bore fruit. Her galateria won the 2020 Ultimate Taste Test, Masters Edition from Our Awesome Planet, a Philippine-based food review website.

Her love for the people she works with and passion for creating fun flavours and trying unconventional mix in her gelato resonated with us at Engkanto Brewery. And so, we got together for an awesome collaboration: Engkanto x Gelato Manila Craft Beer Collection.

As for craft beers, Chef Zarah likes the distinct profiles of the Engkanto variants. She's an accomplished flavor creator who relished discovering the character of the beers to determine the ingredients that would complement the recipes she made from scratch.

A trio of citrusy, creamy, and decadent creations emerged: Engkanto Citrus & Spice, India Pale Ale & Nuts, and Double IPA Chocolate Truffle.



Engkanto Citrus & Spice is a bright makeover of our golden Blonde Ale beer. Oozing with citrusy notes from its original craft recipe, this sorbet-style dessert is complemented by the freshness of lemon. A dash of chili flakes tickles a bit of heat and spiciness in each scoop.

India Pale Ale & Nuts is a milk-based delight that has toasted nuts, caramel, chocolate-coated potato strings, and the flavors of our India Pale Ale beer that will make your palate run wild. Drift into the richness of this crowd-pleaser, but make sure to come back for more.

Finally, the Double IPA Chocolate Truffle features smooth layers of dark chocolate and raw cacao powder that are made more decadent with the subtle fruity sensations of our Double IPA. It's the therapy you never thought you need.

Watch Engkanto brewmaster Michael 'MJ' Jordan scoop us these gelatos and share his enjoyable experience with chef Zarah and Jam of Gelato Manila: