Lactose intolerant? Filipino gelato brand partners with Japanese almond milk brand for plant-based delights

This article was originally published by GMA News Online.

The summer season in the Philippines is the perfect time to enjoy a scoop (or two) of ice cream or gelato, but some people are skipping this dessert because they’re either lactose intolerant or their lifestyles call for more nutritious and more ethical alternatives.


This is what Filipino gelato brand Gelato Manila and Japanese almond milk brand Almond Koka aim to address, as both brands believe that finding equally delicious and healthy desserts must be accessible to Filipinos.

Gelato Manila and Almond Koka's Pinoy Plant-Based Gelato consists of plant-based versions of three well-loved Filipino ice cream flavors: Mangga Koka, Almond Mantikilya, and Kokoa.

The Mangga Koka is an ode to the Philippines, being home to some of the world’s best mangoes. It’s made with fresh ripe mangoes churned with Almond Koka Original for a vibrant-tasting healthy treat.

Almond Mantikilya, on the other hand, is a roasted almond butter gelato with a bolder and nuttier flavor from the Almond Koka Unsweetened.The best part: it’s low in sugar!

Completing the trifecta is Kokoa, which has the decadence of deep and rich chocolate from cocoa and Almond Koka Chocolate.

The Pinoy Plant-Based Gelato by Almond Koka x Gelato Manila will be available as a sampler set of all three flavors for only P450 from Thursday until June 2024 at and in selected One World Deli stores.